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Inspiring people to work together to build a more vibrant and stronger community.

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A landscape where everyone has access to the tools and strategies needed to success.
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Jennifer Arlem Molina
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j.a.Molina Creative

by Jennifer Arlem Molina

bio jennifer arlem molina
Meet Jenny M

As a first generation immigrant college student, it was up to me to figure out to navigate the education system in the United States. The sacrifices my mother made when she left her native Mexico for the U.S. were constantly in the back of my head. In September of 2007, while studying Fine Arts at the University of Washington; I found myself panicking about how I was going to pay off my student loans with an art degree. Wondering how was I going to get a job after college in the middle of the financial crisis the country was experiencing.

And so, I made the decision to stop living by a life bound to limitations and decided to follow my heart. I bought my first domain and put my limiting skills to the test. In less than I month, I had an online portfolio for my artwork, a blog and my first ever business cards. I found myself getting paid gigs and reading marketing books to learn new strategies. I attended whatever business workshop I could find on campus and joined HBSA (Hispanic Business Student Association at UW) to expose myself to more opportunities.

childhood experiences

Before the end of 2008, I had already a small client list. It was mainly made up of nightlife businesses and local artists. I was also provided with the opportunity to showcase my artwork at one of the most prominent photography galleries in Downtown Seattle and a front page magazine feature with a full spread. It was at that moment, I truly understood the powerful effect of branding and marketing. Later in 2012, I decided to take a leap of faith and founded j.a.Molina Creative. 


Shortly after, I decided to collaborate with the other creative minds and curious souls in my network and together we offer an array of services to help all other creatives and small businesses compete in today’s ever evolving marketplace. Everyone in our tribe is active in the community and equipped with bilingual capabilities; as well as practical expertise in different service industries. We are dedicated to delivering quality without cutting corners; so our clients can focus on what they do best. Since the internet is always evolving, we are vigilant and always keep our ears to the ground and our eyes open to new trends. While it’s certainly a challenge to do so considering the rate at which technologies change, we’re up for that challenge and excited to meet it. Ultimately, the reward is greater for everyone involved. 


What initially began just as a way to share my art and thoughts with others turned out to be my meal ticket. Ten years later, my professional experience consists of sales, digital marketing, event planning and management, teaching, visual art and photography. I am currently part of an awesome team at Latino Community Fund of Washington State and I couldn’t be happier.  My goal is to inspire people to work together to build a more vibrant and stronger community.