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Jennifer Arlem Molina | Artist Statement & Exhibitions
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Artist Statement

As an artist I aim to create experiences. I choose to collaborate with my subjects, my surroundings and materials rather than control them. My work is a representation of my growth, not only as an artist; but as a woman. Every piece is full of movement; both physical and emotional, as well as energy and color. With this approach I aim to create work that becomes a representation of not only myself but of my environment. 


My grandmother enriched my soul through the arts, community involvement, and exposure to the entrepreneurial hustle of our community at a very early age. Growing up, I thought we were the richest people in the world because my family sheltered me from struggle as much as possible. My childhood memories are made up of sunshine, ocean sounds and the endless use of my imagination. At the age of 13, shortly after moving to Seattle, I found myself struggling with my cultural identity because I did not have the same immigrant story that others did or were used to hearing.


At the age of 16, my mother’s hard work and dedication provided me with the opportunity to study in Paris. It was there where I developed a passion for photography and became intrigued with the work of Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko and Jean-Michael Basquiat. In college, I was exposed to the work of Manuel Alvarez Bravo and it inspired me to learn more about photography as an art, which led me to create a documentary about the daily life in my city of birth, Mazatlan.


I was constantly looking for a sense of belonging; but somehow always ended up feeling like a tourist in my own ethnicity. I decided to use art as an outlet and referenced to my childhood experiences for inspiration. It was through art and community involvement that I was finally able to identify my purpose.


My artwork is a social commentary acting as a catalyst for the open exchange of thoughts and ideas. I believe simple experiences can make us feel more connected to the world. Therefore, I carefully select and visually interpret my ideas so the essence is revealed and captured in a single moment. I prefer to work project based, rather than to allow the medium to control my thought process.

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Selected Exhibitions

2017 Sea Mar Community Health Centers – ¡Viva! Latino/a Visions: Art Exhibition – Seattle, WA

2017 Raw Artists Seattle – Verse – Seattle, WA

2016 Lynnwood Arts Commission – Lynnwood Library Art Gallery – Lynnwood, WA

2015 RAW Artists Seattle – Group Showcase: “Present” – Seattle, WA

2015 Untitled Feelings – Solo Exhibit – Burien Community Center – Burien, WA

2014 Fast Forward – Phinney Center Gallery – Seattle, WA

2014 Inside Out – Arterie Fine Arts – Naperville, Illinois

2014 All About Colors – Arterie Fine Arts – Naperville, Illinois

2014 Through My Lens – Arterie Fine Arts – Naperville, Illinois

2014 Traces of Life – Arterie Fine Arts – Naperville, Illinois

2014 Feeling Blue – Arterie Fine Arts – Naperville, Illinois

2014 Delicate – Arterie Fine Arts – Naperville, Illinois

2014 Lynwood Arts Commission – Lynwood Library Art Gallery – Lynwood, WA

2014 9th Annual Winter Exhibit – Morpho Gallery – Chicago, Illinois

2013 Reflections – Arterie Fine Arts – Naperville, Illinois

2013 CoCA Collision: Past, Present, & Future Members Show – Seattle, WA

2013 Juried Artist Installation at the VALA Art Center – Redmond, WA

2012 Waterfront Art – Seattle Art Alliance – Seattle, WA

2012 Art in the Alley – Columbia City Gallery – Seattle, WA

2011 A Sense of Place – IDEA Odyssey Gallery – Seattle, WA

2010 Sense Us – Group Show, ArtXchange Gallery – Seattle, WA

2010 Ethnics Art Connection – Seattle office of Arts & Cultural Affairs – Seattle, WA

2010 Forward – University of Washington School of Art – Seattle, WA

2009 I.V.A. Senior Show – University of Washington School of Art – Seattle, WA

2009 Latino Heritage Month Celebration – Seattle City Hall – Seattle, WA

2009 Sustainability – Benham Gallery – Seattle, W

2009 Hispanic Seafair – Seattle, WA

2009 Arts Leadership Lab – Benham Gallery, Seattle, WA

2008 Scavenger Hunt – University of Washington School of Art – Seattle, WA