To inspire people to work together to build a more vibrant and stronger community.

A landscape where everyone has access to the tools and strategies needed to success.
j.a.Molina Creative | Let's Work Together
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Together we can build a more vibrant and stronger community

During the past decade, I’ve had the opportunity to work for different employers. Each position provided me with skills, tools, and resources that I now share with others, specifically women. The personal challenges I’ve faced and successfully defeated, empowered me with lessons that I share with others, so they can utilize to find their Why and take action.
If you’ve got an opportunity for me, or want to collaborate, please get in touch. I’m available for both contract and freelance work (pro-bono at my discretion). I’m happy to discuss any ideas for projects that you may have. My rates are time-based, I therefore try my utmost to accurately predict the amount of time required to complete a project when issuing a quote. If needed, I can also issue fixed project prices, package prices and estimates. I’m available for short/long-term or retainer based projects – just ask and we can discuss the specifics.

Let’s work together!

I’m known for…

  • Being well-versed in working on a tight deadline and a small budget
  • My creative approach to problem-solving
  • Taking attention to detail to the next level
  • Providing resources in English and Spanish
  • My negotiation skills
  • Facilitating personal development and career advancement workshops
  • Helping others identify their professional goals and strategies to meet them
  • Leading creative workshops for both; adults and kids
  • My passion for photography and the arts
  • Moderating large group discussions

WHAT I DO: I help others identify their Why and develop an empowering action strategy for them by providing coaching accompanied by the resources and tools needed for personal development and career advancement. The results of my work include leadership role opportunities and increased brand awareness.
HOW I DO IT: I am a creative consultant and multipotentialite with a decade of experience in client-facing roles. I am a skilled people manager who excels at coaching and motivating individuals with an array of interests and from different backgrounds. 

  • Small Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Young Professionals
  • Creatives
  • NonProfit Leaders

WHY IT WORKS: I bring a broad background of strategic planning, branding and project expansion in multiple sectors.
WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: My creative approach, background in consulting, experience in several industries, strong management, and people skills; I interact well with people and am skilled at reading them and determine their motivations.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.         

Road to Success
If you are interested in new opportunities to market your work or need help getting started, join our creative collaborative today. There are no hidden membership fees, no fluff, no catch. Our goal is to connect emerging professionals to more paid opportunities that will help them grow their portfolio and gain valuable experience. Together we can build a more vibrant and stronger community. It is through collaboration, communication, transparency and support that we will get there.